In the past few years, postage stamps have really upped their game. Many of our wedding invitation clients dish out for custom postage that incorporates design elements from their suite, and while I think this is pretty neat, I personally enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect existing stamp to use on an envelope. Vintage stamps are always amazing, but they cost much more than their face value and this can really add up. It’s worthwhile to check out what the post office has in stock before deciding whether or not to splurge on specialized stamps. My latest fave is the new Garden of Love forever stamp series from USPS:

I thought the new 64¢ Monarch stamp from USPS worked really well with Rocky’s and my Save The Dates:

And speaking of monarchs, there’s the beloved King and Queen of Hearts, also perfect for weddings:
The 29¢ Herbs series would be great to mix and match for stationery needing additional postage. Plus they have a charming rustic/vintage vibe:

Debuting this July, won’t these Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps be great on shower invitations?:

Last but not least, if only I lived in London! Check out the UK’s fantastic new Royal Shakespeare Company series:


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