Just a quick shout-out to one of our favorite paper stocks here at Three Little Words – Crane’s Lettra line! Available in several weights and three shades of white (flourescent, pearl and ecru), the lettra line was “originally produced for the letterpress revolution” and has a soft feel in-hand with durability and a nice tooth. And it’s 100% made from cotton, not trees! To be more specific, Crane’s papers are made from cotton linters (industry byproducts) which are recognized by the EPA as recovered fibers.

We use it a lot with our letterpress printing jobs, but also have found that it looks gorgeous with flat printing as well. In our current portfolio photos, all of the white papers in our Wedding Collection are printed on 110# flourescent white lettra. Kate and George’s custom suite was combination letterpress and flat printed on pearl paper (110# and 32#). And I plan to use their 220# ecru stock for my own wedding invitations. Yes, we are total geeks for paper here at TLW.

AuthorEmily Foran