Don't you love when you have a happy accident? I sure do, especially when baking! My original intention when I started baking these little beauties was to just make brownie bites. Quick and easy, follow the directions on the back of the box, bake half the time in a mini cupcake pan, and you're done. Except when they were done baking, I felt like decorating. So I got creative.

On a whim a few weeks back, I bought some toasted marshmallow fluff. The "toasted" part being what appealed to me most. So when I went to look on my "sprinkle" shelf in the kitchen, and saw the jar of fluff, I instantly thought "S'MORES"! (When you smear the fluff on top, use just a little. Too much and it runs down the side.)

I had graham crackers, so I crunched them up to sprinkle on top. A taste test told me I needed more graham. Luckily I have a husband who humors me when I get in my creative groove, and he agreed on a quick ride to the grocery store for the teddies. Perfection!

Wouldn't these just be fabulous for a birthday sleepover? I happened to bring them to a house warming party. S'mores are fun for all ages!