Dana and I have entered a competition to win a 250k grant to jumpstart Three Little Words into high gear, but we need your help! We need 250 people to “vote” for Three Little Words via the contests’ Facebook link by June 30. Please, please, please vote and ask your friends to as well! And ask them to ask their friends too! And thank you to everyone who has already helped!

To cast your vote:

  1. Click on this link, Missionsmallbusiness.com.
  2. Click on "LOGIN & SUPPORT".
  3. Type in "Three Little Words" in the search, no need to choose location, then hit VOTE!

We swear you won’t get spammed, and you can always unsubscribe in the future if you don’t want any connection to the initiative down the line. We know it’s a few steps, which is why we really need all the support we can get.

This would be a game-changer for us and all of our fans! We have lots of ideas, and this would grant us the time and resources to bring them to life. THANK YOU.

AuthorEmily Foran