Just a little teaser photo from Rocky’s and my wedding invitation suite. I think it goes without saying that I am a big geek for handmade stationery, but the wax seal is something that pushes my inner dorkdom much further. Has anyone seen the HBO series, Game of Thrones? Holy cow, it’s soooo good! Rocky and I are in love with it (along with a few other fictionalized period shows set in castles) and I have been reading the book series. In the novels, the author goes into great detail about the wax each lord uses on their family seals – white direwolves for the House of Stark, sparkling gold wax for the Lannisters, black for a letter bearing bad news from the Eyrie. (OK, yes I am sort of a huge dork for posting about this.) In any case, we were inspired to design our own wax seal emblazoned with our initials and wedding date, and plan to use it in a few elements for the wedding. Among those was the invitation, where it held closed a canvas map (more on that later.)

Pretty neat huh? In order to save time, money and our sanity, I used “faux wax” which you just melt in a regular low-heat glue gun. There are tons of colors available and it's pretty easy to do! In fact, Rocky did all the waxing and stamping (while I printed, cut and folded paper in the next room.)

AuthorEmily Foran