I am proud to share the Save The Dates that Rocky and I recently mailed to our wedding guests! Our wedding is going to be held at a small winery in Calistoga this fall and while we don’t want to have an overly cutesy “wine theme” for the entire wedding, we thought the Save The Date was a good place to have some fun with that. We hope it sets the tone for our guests and gets them excited about joining us for a chic, “rustic-ish” celebration surrounded by the Napa harvest. To do this, we came up with some copy that ties the October crushing of the grapes to our event, and I set the type in font Lady Rene. Then we screenprinted the design onto square sheets of 100% natural cork. (Shelf liner!)

Rocky had the idea of making a wine-stained “seal” on the back of the envelopes. We had a good time (and drank a bottle of wine in the process) stamping red wine onto the closed envelopes. It was also interesting to watch the color change from red to purple as it dried on the ivory paper.

I typeset all of our guests’ addresses in Lady Rene. It was fun deciding which “M” (or whatever letter) to use for each person’s names. I love it when typefaces come with lots of great alternate glyphs! I had a design geek moment. The envelopes were topped off with the Monarch Butterfly stamp from the Post Office. Perfect for the NorCal fall!

AuthorEmily Foran