Since our engagement three weeks ago, Rocky and I have been über busy planning our fall wedding. More details will be posted as the process unfolds, but I wanted to share a serendipitous moment that came of it. Last summer in Maine, my mother showed me photos and announcements her grandmother (my great grandmother) had printed when she was married in 1926. She wore a beaded “flapper” wedding dress and a long veil. We actually have her dress (it’s about a size 0) and I am thinking about using an element from the hem in my gown.

I was fascinated by the tiny folded announcements she had made. I assume in those times, big, planned-out weddings were uncommon, and these cards were given to friends and family as a keepsake for the marriage. When closed, the gatefold card has each of their initials; “O’H.” for Mary Cecilia O’Herin and “T.” for Edward Raymond Tierney. When you open it, you can read the date and place that they got married. I don't know how much time has affected the colors, but the script appears to be silver ink printed on ivory cardstock.

Cecilia and Ray had a long marriage with three children, multiple grandchildren and many more great grandchildren. He passed away before I was born, but I knew my great grandmother and remember visiting her as a child. As the stories go, she was something of a spitfire in her tiny 4'10" frame while he was just a really laid back, sweet man. She died in her 90’s when I was nine. There is a great photo somewhere of her, her daughter, my mother and myself as a newborn, “four generations” of eldest daughters.

I have been meaning to post this wee printed family heirloom on the blog for a while because of its relevance to stationery. It was my grandmother who pointed out that Rocky’s and my wedding date, October 9th, 2011 is the 85th anniversary of her parents’ marriage.

AuthorEmily Foran