On the Go will be another reoccuring theme you'll see popping up. We'll point you towards some fun events going on around us and take you along on some of our journeys, whether that be a quick trip to the farmer's market, a street fair or live music event. If we're up to something cool, we'll let you in on it. Since we're in different time zones, you'll see posts for East, which in general will include the Tri-State Area, and west, which will include the Bay Area.

Today I'm starting out with the 2nd Annual Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale. To say I love Martha Stewart is an understatement. If I've got a question relating to anyting kitchen/cooking/baking-related, she's got my answer. I also follow her Craft's Dept blog, which is always dripping with inspiration and fun projects, so I of course don't want to miss the craft sale they're hosting this weekend. If you're looking for unique holiday gifts, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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